Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2013 Washington Youth Soccer Founders Cup tournament for the age group.

Boys Under 13 25 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Vancouver Timbers B99 Azul Vancouver 514228993   James Johnson
 A2 Sparta 99 Red Tacoma 303137002   Robert Anderson
 A3 Kent United B99 White Kent 317276540   David Cohen
 A4 Seattle United NE B99 Blue Seattle 104162621   n/a
 B1 FCSC Barca BU13 ridgefield 514226435   Dustin Waddle
 B2 Crossfire Select B99-Taylor Redmond 207141172   Robert Taylor
 B3 Seattle United NE B99 White Seattle 104162619   Sean Conlon
 B4 Fusion Inferno FC n/a 303130778   n/a
 C1 Impact FC 99 Black Renton 308201130   Brian Hughey
 C2 Seattle United Shoreline B99 Blue Shoreline 104162415   Andrei Zahajko
 C3 Whatcom Football Club Rangers White/Quilici Bellingham 128516299   Brendan Quilici
 C4 B99 Legacy Silver Everett 113357505   Jeff Gosslee
 D1 Seattle United South B99 Black Seattle 104162740   Jesus Cardenas
 D2 Newport FC Warriors U13 Bellevue 201105618   Henry Deccio
 D3 FC Edmonds Forza Edmonds 106185337   Gregory Smith
 D4 MI FC Tornado '99 381/Talerman Mercer Island 201104381   Eddie Talerman
 E1 Sparta 99 White Tacoma 303137104   Jon Farinha
 E2 Seattle United SOUTH B99 Blue Seattle 104162725   Mutanda Kwesele
 E3 Lake Hills Synergy B99 Bellevue 201103201   Brian McInnes
 E4 Crossfire Select B99-Yerxa Mukilteo 207141173   Scott Yerxa
 F1 Seattle United WEST B99 White Seattle 104162513   Evan Gaul
 F2 Vancouver Timbers B99 Rojo Vancouver 514228991   Kevin McKee
 F3 Seattle United WEST B99 Blue Seattle 104162515   Kenneth Short
 F4 Tacoma United Manchester NA n/a   Cipriano Gomez
 F5 Storm King 99 Port Angeles 420274173   John Leslie

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